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    Amazonian Shamanism And The Western World: Between Encouragement And Warning

    This article is being re-published with written permission. The original author is Dr. Jacques Mabit, Medical Director and Founder of the Takiwasi Center in...

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    Practitioner Spotlight: Lori Shayew of The Gifts of Autism

    On July 12, 2019 The Urban Shaman's Aimee Shaw spent some time with Lori Shayew, Founder of The Gifts of Autism and seasoned autism...

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    Practitioner Spotlight: Robbie Warren, Medicine Woman & Shaman

    On January 25, 2019 Aimee Shaw of The Urban Shaman sat down with Robbie Warren, Medicine Woman and Shaman. AS: Hello. I have Robbie Warren...

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    Creating Habitat for Wildlife (whilst feeding yourself)!

    Have you ever had a garden? Then you must have known how tiring it is to protect your food crop from wandering hungry critters,...

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    Practitioner Spotlight: Andrew Camargo, School of Modern Soul Science

    We were so intrigued by the concepts shared in our first interview that we brought back Andrew Camargo, founding teacher at The School of...

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