Connecting shamanic initiates with contemporary elders.

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  • Aimee K. Shaw posted in the group The Urban Shaman Discussion Group 4 years, 8 months ago

    My article/thesis on why urban shamans must be alchemists went live today.

    What do you think? Did this raise ideas, questions, resistance?

    Why do you think our standards are higher for urban shamans? Does power and our concepts of our own power contribute to the complexity of how we relate to urban shamans vs. indigenous shamans?

    Ultimately, if the work of the shaman is to mediate between this realm and the Spirit realms, does personal self-development really matter?

    How might initiation in urban cultures be different than initiation in cultures with intact shamanic lineage? And how might alchemy help the urban shaman process through the initiation experiences?

    This concept of failed shamanic initiation- is there such a phenomena in intact shamanic lineages? Why, or why not? How would a failed initiation look in tribal culture? And how does it look it urban cultures?

    If an urban shaman does not use alchemical processes, then how does an initiate move through the process to become the fully embodied, practicing shaman?

    Lots to think about………

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    • I think you’re really on to something. I’ve spent quite some time trying to understand the mythological expressions and translate them for myself in order to understand them in a contemporary way. They are “science” with a symbolical expression just as our time’s science are full of symbolical language that we understand today but will become fairytale stuff within 2000 years, when another symbolic expression of abstract knowledge has developed. Our contemporary science are far from as knowing as the era that gave us the mythological landscape was, but we’re getting there, on our own terms. What we haven’t figured out is the psychological impact on just about everything, as the church knew of it’s importance and kept it separate from the Descartians until that spooky guy Freud stole it and began to corrupt it just as the church, in their favour, were afraid for. In our time, the frontier is to unite the physical and the divine into one, transmutate our science with the knowledge of the psyche that is kept in “code” by religion and used as an intrument of power against the masses.

      Just imagine the implications of the quantum entanglement phenomena. Take two “units” of something from the same place, like an atom or even a DNA molecule, separate them as far possible from one another and isolate them. Then, do something to one of them (like give it a jolt), and the reaction to what’s done to one of them happens simultaneously to both of them. Absolutely zero time passes between the reactions, no matter the distance. But there must be some package of information going between them as only one of them is jolted but both reacts to it. But as no time passes, the information package can’t be travelling through time and space. This is where contemporary science drops us off, with a bagage of ??? to wherefrom and whereto the information travels. Religion knows everything about that realm. Stephen Hawking said late in his days that big bang should be regarded as an implosion, not an expolsion. He apparently knew that time and space is illusory, it’s how we experience things, not necessarily how things are “made”. Outside of our experience, there is no time or space. What doesn’t need time or space? Information doesn’t. Not to be mixed up with documentation of information, that needs storage. Information is something we “catch” and stores in documents, like papers, or simply in our computers. The physical realm extracts information and stores it.
      There is an information point outside of our physical realm and we area cavity within this undefinable point. This is where our mind resides. It’s not in our body, because our body is tied tot he rules of the physics. Our body could never perform what’s been done in remote viewing experiments, where the answer appears before the message have been sent. But if sender and reciever are entangled through an “area” without time and space, time (and space) doesn’t matter.
      We are entangled pieces of information stored in a physical shape but connected beyond our storage facility. This understanding will explain most of what we call “magic”, a word that only means “I have no idea what just happened” but when we know, “the magic is gone”.