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Shamanic Journeying: Traversing the Three Worlds

Learning how to do a Shamanic journey is a foundational aspect of most Shamanic practices. Journeying allows you to shift your consciousness from the...

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The Emergence of Vulnerability: A Shamanic Perspective

“Who are you to write about vulnerability? You hate being vulnerable!”, the little voice in the back of my head says to me on...

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Channeling Spencer: Reality and That Which Binds It

The following is channeled material through Psychic-Medium and Shamanic Practitioner, Derrek Becker.  While in a trance state, Derrek acts as a bridge between Spirit...

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Five Steps to Connect with a Spirit Animal

Spirit Animals help to guide and inspire us as we move along our life path.  Each of us have one or more Spirit Animals...

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Working with the Spirit of Place in an Urban Setting

For those on the Shamanic path, you will come to find that working with the Spirits of Place are deeply valuable and rewarding relationships...

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