Connecting shamanic initiates with contemporary elders.

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  • Aimee K. Shaw posted in the group Music That Inspires You 3 years, 4 months ago

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    • Some people will say this is “dark”, as if that makes it less spiritual. And still others will say that there’s no shamanic lineage in, say, Ireland. 😉

      People who say that are entirely ignorant about history and human movement pattterns. The Vikings got around. My third and fourth and fifth generation ancestors were from the Waterford, Ireland area (on paternal side). Waterford is the oldest Viking settlement in Ireland. So, many of us with European lineage have genetic DNA that roots us to the Vikings. Although, this does represent pre-Viking. And then, there’s soul code DNA, as many of us have been all the things here on this planet.

      But for people with the genetic code, and people with the soul code, this is going to full-on activate you. <3

      • Shamanic/archaic revival is happening all over the world- not just in the U.S.

        So be encouraged! #shamanstrong #united

        1 shaman to 100 people = 76,000 shamans needed. (Based on the fact that 7.6 billion people inhabit the earth). ( And let me tell you, 100 people is a heavy load. But okay. Let’s do this.

        How can we, as a small tribe here, now, reach out to our kins worldwide to let them know that they are not alone and we are here, ready to receive them?

      • I actually felt relieved when I heard it. It’s exactly my kind of thing. I was worried about posting more videos because I felt I was too dark!

        As for the the Vikings, I agree with you. They got a lot of places: Greenland, Russia, they even served as merceneries for the Byzantine Emperor. I grew up in a part of England that was conquered by the Danes during the Viking Age. Much of Scotland was conquered by the Norweigians. A lot of UK placenames have Old Norse origin. There are references to shamanic-type practices in the surviving Norse literature. They were a very spiritual people. So to be told that because I’m white, I have no shamanic lineage makes me spit feathers.

        • Hahaha! 😉

          I suspect a lot of people who are now feeling the impulse and are “white” actually have Norse DNA. 😉 We’re being re-activated. <3 Yep- those Vikings sure did get around. That was their karmic mission, I do believe. And they paid a heavy price for it. So thanks be to the ancestors. It is on their shoulders we stand!