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Practitioner Spotlight: Jinji Willingham

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    • What aspects of Jinji’s practice overlap with the shamanic archetype? Can you identify what facets of the shamanic archetype she might be expressing in her work?
    • If you were to embrace a couple ideas that Jinji shares in these interviews in defining what shamanic practice might look like, what ideas would those be?
    • Jinji talks about secularization, and the trend of moving away from religion and towards spirituality. Do you see shamanism as a religion, or as a spirituality, or both?
    • Do you see contemporary shamanism as psychospiritual practice? Why, or why not? And how might contemporary shamanism differ from indigenous and archaic shamanism in regards to the psychological aspects of the work?
    • Jinji doesn’t call herself a ‘shaman’, but she may exemplify shamanistic aspects. Is she a shaman? Why, or why not? And if not, what is missing in her practice that excludes her from being considered a shaman?
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